All great companies have even greater aspirations. They see ways that they can grow their level of business, become more profitable and serve their clients in new ways. Our aspiration is to help these companies exceed their goals. How can we help you?

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Business & Technology:

  • Boost your top line and bottom line
  • Evaluate and implement technology
  • Train sales and operations staff on effective usage and promotion
The core strength of Unfair Advantage is building better businesses with a firm foundation of technology. We can perform anything from a quick audit over the phone to an on-site evaluation of your workflow, your technology, and your P & L.

We have experts on software, such as ReporterBase and E-Transcript Manager, who can engage on projects of all sizes. And once the project is complete, we can train your staff to use it effectively and promote it accurately to customers.

And if your business grows to the point where you need trusted partners across the country on large projects, we have deep relationship with hundreds of leading service providers who can help.

Let us help:
  • Are there ways your business could become more profitable?
  • Do you have the right technology for your business? Are you using it as well as possible? Are you paying too much for it?
  • Can your employees clearly explain the benefits of your technology to clients? Are they sufficiently trained to get its full potential?
  • Would strategic partnerships with similar companies help you to grow your business? Are you able to find nationwide partners on large cases?


  • Best practices on managing customer data, sales benchmarking and coaching
  • Assistance with creating templates for presentations and proposals
  • In-depth coaching sessions on value-based selling
  • Assistance on finding and using public case information such as court dockets
Sales is the lifeblood of a successful business. We have extensive experience in creating and building world-class sales teams. Whether this means finding great salespeople, creating meaningful benchmarks for their success or assisting them in their approach, we are prepared to help at any level.

If you need help finding leads on new cases, we can help train your staff on the various sources of data for new cases and key client developments.

Or if sales presentations are lacking, we can coach them in their presentation skills, develop effective presentations. Or if you see value in providing CLE presentations as a benefit to your customers, we can provide these presentations, train your staff on their optimal delivery, and even evaluate the bar association rules in various states. The first CLE presentation Unfair Advantage has created for clients is entitled "The Ethics of Deposition Technology: Zealous Representation in the Blackberry Era." Not only will it be a benefit to your clients, but it will also spark helpful discussions.

Let us help:
  • Are you managing your leads, past contacts and opportunities optimally?
  • Are your sales reps reaching new leads at new firms, or just coasting on house accounts?
  • Will a cookie-based approach to sales hurt in the long run?
  • Are your salespeople talking to the right decision makers about the right topics to get the right cases?
  • Are you making the most of your sales pitches and CLE presentations?
  • Are you effectively using public data to locate new cases from your key clients?


  • Creating or updating web sites, marketing collateral and press releases
  • Developing client deliverables to showcase your services
  • Assistance with non-traditional marketing such as social networking and blogs
Having a great business requires staying in touch with past, present and future customers. The challenge is that the day-to-day grind can push marketing and client development to the bottom of your "To Do" list. We can work with you to brainstorm on a plan, and follow through on its execution.

We can write press releases, create web sites, and overhaul marketing collateral to meet the particular needs of clients. We create advertising that gets noticed, and work with you to evaluate the optimal place to run your ads.

In addition to business services, Unfair Advantage can work with you to create and implement a content strategy using e-mail newsletters, blogs, and social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc). We can even manage these newsletters and blogs on your behalf.

Let us help:
  • Is your web site, sales collateral and advertising ahead of your competition?
  • Does it project the right image to get the right clients?
  • Would well-placed, cleverly-executed advertising be a benefit to your business?
  • How well does your end deliverable represent your business?
  • Are you using social networking and blogs to create a buzz in your market and stay in touch with customers?
  • Do you send out regular newsletters to stay in touch with your clients?
  • Are you using best practices to stay in touch with your subcontractors, service providers and court reporters?


  • Strategic guidance on developing an exit strategy
  • Survey of comparable metrics for acquisitions in your market
  • Traditional and non-traditional methods for establishing extra liquidity
We provide guidance as you consider your options in evaluating potential acquisitions. We introduce companies who may be a good fit for your strategic objectives.

Difficult economic conditions often pose a challenge to businesses. But we work with clients to maximize their strengths and take advantage of the opportunities that exist. Let us help:
  • Are you looking to grow your business through acquisitions?
  • What are the common metrics for acquisitions in this market climate?
  • Who is buying, and who is looking to sell?

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